EddyManuelx3 Life
Soy Un Persona imperfecta siempre lo seré.
pero busque a otra persona imperfecta para en si ser una pareja perfecta. ♥

wake up
A mix for finding home, loss, discovery, revenge, transformation, and recovery. For Heather Mason.

// you’re not here - akira yamaoka ft. mary elizabeth mcglynn // teen idle - marina & the diamonds // rebel girl - bikini kill // where is my mind - yoav // haunted - maya kern // heaven - beyonce // change (in the house of flies) - deftones // house of the rising sun - lauren o’connell // letter-from the lost days - akira yamaoka ft. mary elizabeth mcglynn // welcome to the city - amy diamond // the phoenix - fall out boy // demons - sleigh bells // girl with one eye - florence + the machine // god - akira yamaoka // - if i die young - naya rivera // angels & airwaves - angel haze // somewhere only we know - keane // demons - imagine dragons //

this mix is all over the fucking place but hey so is silent hill so maybe it reflects that craziness or maybe it’s just my taste in music idk shut up

Murderous guilt manifestations and murderous guilt manifestation accessories.
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